Flying Over

April 15, 2010

On the second flight of our trip home from Texas, I had a window seat. I looked out over the clouds, which I’ve always thought to be some kind of supernatural experience. Humans above the clouds. What a privilege. Later we dipped below the clouds, which I find fascinating, day or night, to note all of the places people gather together to live in community, and all of the lone souls who live in solitude. To see the way topography affects development. To see the regard and disregard for nature. To reflect on how I am existing on this planet. There is community and disconnect, the tenacity of water and the erosion of land, the pollution of light in the city night, and the single lamp out in the country. It is a privilege in having a bird’s view. We see, laid out before us, the harm and the good. With all of the waste that goes into such flights of convenience, I need to take note each time I indulge.

A nice thing… all we can learn from flying over.

2 Responses to “Flying Over”

  1. KenHoney said

    What always amazes me is all the land. The world seems so crowded…but there is all that land, all that water. Not suggesting that the world is not too crowded or that we shouldn’t protect what we have. Maybe more than the Earth is still bigger than we are.

  2. when I was little, I wanted to be a cartographer…the translator of 3 or 4 dimensions into 2. I have reams of maps still…it takes imagination to do that translation, the interpretation. I imagine that some can do it with empathy and pain…

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