A Couple of Words

April 19, 2010

I woke up one recent morning with these two words in my head: “More love.” I started to question it, to ask the words where they came from. They told me “Just more love.” I retraced my sleep steps, bypassing dreams I didn’t remember to land on my near sleep thoughts.

“Thoughts” might be too large a description for the flecks of consciousness that passed before my closed pre-slumber eyes. Tiny flecks… particles of imagination:

A son lying on a cot in jail… A daughter at a late night workbench, manipulating bits of metal and stone; another son riding his bike through the streets of our town, hopefully enjoying the ride… A daughter in her bed, talking with her Montana sweetheart via video chat… A grandson in bed, overseen by a hand painted “Night Narwhal” that his grandparents brought him from Austin… A husband at the kitchen table, making a list that will allow him to stop thinking and go to sleep… Friends who are far, friends near… Myself in my life, more abstract than the others, a tiny speck with a voice that says, “Keep moving forward”… And then, this morning’s first clear thought. “More love.”


Against all my former resistance that called such notions simplistic, I am finding the most powerful response to these sad and beautiful particles is to gather them up and add more love.

A nice thing… More Love. That’s it.

One Response to “A Couple of Words”

  1. KenHoney said

    Yes. Isn’t that the thing? More love does not always make things better. But it never makes things worse.

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