A Cheese Plane

April 20, 2010

We’ve had the same cheese plane for thirty years. It was a wedding gift. My husband replaced the original handle, but the stainless steel blade has held up all these years. We’ve tried other planes, but they bend or break or cut badly. So this is one of those tools that is worth searching for in the drawer. A tool that has moved with us from Michigan to Louisiana to Mississippi to Massachusetts to New Hampshire, and it is the standard by which we measure a good cut. It is all about thickness and consistency of the slice. How many perfect slices to make a grilled cheese sandwich? Each of the children knows the sensation of the slice, pulling the plane across the sharp cheddar. It feels off-kilter to them when they cut with a knife instead of a plane. I like that they have that common measurement. It’s not important in the big picture, but narrowed down to our history as a family, well, it has become part of our shared language.

A nice thing… a family language. We share words, taste, touch, sounds, and the perfect slice.

2 Responses to “A Cheese Plane”

  1. Laura said

    This is a very nice thing! I have subscribed and have had it sent to my work email, so I will have something pleasant in that mailbox every day.

    Wow, I think it might be hard to think about something nice every day. I’m usually pretty, well – nice, but I can’t be positive every day….

    Thanks for sharing it with me.

  2. Janie Fedosoff said

    My mother has a great cheese plane. (I’d never heard it called that before) And I realized reading this, that it is part of the fabric of my family. I love pulling it across a block of cheese. I’ve never found a good one for my own house. Nice thoughts.

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