A Walk

May 4, 2010

I took a walk with my grandson the other day, down our street, around the corner, and along the sidewalk on the the other side of the street from where we usually walk. Rather than easily treading our beaten path route, we had to notice things like where the sidewalk rose and fell. We had to keep on our guard for new things. I pointed out the plants along the way, naming them for him and asking him to repeat those names… hosta, lily, juniper, ground phlox.
We walked the length of two long blocks and turned right. He ran ahead to show me the building where he would soon live–pointing to the windows of the various rooms, and telling me that the driveway was perfect for skateboarding. We continued our walk–me telling him how funny it will be when he visits me at my house where his stuff won’t be in his old room anymore; him laughing at how odd that will be; both of us noting that he had lived in our house since he was a baby. And then… 
“Is that a hosta, Abuela? Is that phlox?”
“Yes! Man, you’re a fast learner!”
A nice thing… you’re bound to learn new things when you take an unfamiliar path.

4 Responses to “A Walk”

  1. Janie Fedosoff said

    You do learn new things on an unfamiliar path. What a lovely way to put it.

  2. and how lovely and lucky for you that you can see things through his eyes, discovering his discoveries

  3. Dennis Knight said

    It’s bittersweet to read this precious piece. It’s sweet to read of your grandson’s eagerness to discuss change, eagerness to learn, eagerness commune with you. And yet there is subtext of a season of transition—something that tugs at tender hearts—rooms no longer occupied with “stuff” or a child’s quiet noises or laughter or sweet little voice.

    You captured both here and beautifully so. My heart rejoices in your grandson’s joy for his journey and empathizes at the mixture of emotions that will characterize your own at this time.

  4. Laura said

    It’s always funny to see what things they notice/ remember.

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