A Piece of Chocolate

May 7, 2010

Dark chocolate. One of those things that used to be considered exotic, precious, even luxurious. It is often advertised as such. Yet, it has also become ubiquitous and cheapened in quality, almost unrecognizable at times as the lovely thing it is. This is also true of coffee, tea, even salt.  Things that used to be more precious than citrus fruit was to a person in a northern clime.

The moment I taste a good dark chocolate is a moment I need to pause. Sometimes the percentage of cocoa makes me pause. Seventy percent is enough to remind me that there were beans far away that were harvested for my pleasure. A strong sip of African coffee makes me think of the dark hands that harvested it, the friendly hands near my house that roasted it, and even my hands pushing the button on the burr grinder.

I try to notice these things, to be thankful to all of those hands. I don’t just survive on water and from herbs I harvest from my own planters. I joy in the things that come from the toil of others; and I hope that I can learn to acknowledge each time, in that moment of pleasure, all of the hands that carried them to me.

A nice thing…  all the exquisite hands that make the exotic attainable.

2 Responses to “A Piece of Chocolate”

  1. Annie said

    I know that what you are doing here is deeply personal to you, but it’s also quite a valuable service to me and one I appreciate more than you know.

  2. beepbird said

    Annie… That means more to me that YOU know. Thanks for reading my ramblings. xo

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