Early Morning

May 14, 2010

I woke up earlier than usual one recent morning. It always feels like a gift. Alone time. No house noises, no radio, no chatter. I hadn’t written much in a few weeks. I needed to write. I knew this. So that early quiet in my office accompanied by a cup of coffee was a gift. But then… tap, tap, tap at my door.

My grandson, smiling, poked his head in. He had woken before his mom, and was amused that she had helped him get dressed when she wasn’t really awake. He was full of conversation. He wanted to “do something.” I explained that I wanted to write, and that he could do something quietly. So, he settled on the other side of my desk with some markers and a book that gives drawing prompts. I had to read the prompts to him. He kept interrupting my writing. Just as I would start to form a thought…

“Abuela, what does this say?”

I would read the prompt to him, and then turn my attention to my computer again, until…

“Abuela, what does this say?”

This happened several times, and then, after staring at the words on my screen for several minutes, I realized that he wasn’t talking to me anymore. I looked over. He was deeply engrossed in drawing, and he was whispering to himself. He was in another world of his own invention, and I envied him. That’s the place I wanted to be… that whispering place. So I turned my attention to my screen once more and began to type.

A nice thing… that whispering place, and finding the right prompt to lead us there.

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5 Responses to “Early Morning”

  1. Cynthia Cimino said

    oh you are Abuela…my grandchildren’s other grandmother is Abuela. I am Grandmama, now now that they’re older and nearly teens I’m Grandma (they really are teens but I’m in denial).

    I love that early morning, get up before everyone feeling. I’ve done this the last two mornings. I will pay for it later, needing to go to bed early but in that moment, in the morning it’s perfection. The greens in the yard have no shadow yet, and the color is deep and rich. And the birds sing freely.

    Abuela. that is so sweet.

  2. kenhoney said

    For the past 25 years, I’ve been a morning writer. It is the best time of day for me. Still half-asleep, the dreams still whispering in my ears.

  3. mattpaw said

    Me, too, but often – too often, it seems – I find myself tapping away late at nite, as well. It’s midday that bring the doldrums to me.

  4. Dale said

    A sacred place, the whispering place. It is the Zone, the place of awareness. Children can go there easily, with their ability to focus, to be absorbed. You were wise to follow his lead.

  5. Laura said

    Lovely. I wish I were a morning person. Lately, I’m having trouble finding my whispering place. makes me feel all cranky and out of sorts….

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