An Empty Nest

May 18, 2010

I was smiling in the grocery store’s produce section as I thought about all the things I wanted to buy, realizing that they would be where I put them when I wanted them the next day or the next.

That next day would be just as free and undetermined as that moment near the broccoli. I could, if I chose, go home and watch a movie in the middle of the sfternoon, or crank the music up to a pottery rattling level, or walk around in whatever level of dress or undress I chose.

I’ve heard of this empty nest thing before, but I never realized how much room there would be to dance, or how the nest would stay so clean and uncluttered.

I’ve heard of this  empty nest, but I could never have dreamed, twenty-eight years ago, that the sound of my own nesting would make such a pleasant rustling in the branches.

A nice thing… the guiltless freedom of the empty nest.

5 Responses to “An Empty Nest”

  1. mattpaw said

    I enjoy the very same feeling on occasion when my wife and daughter are off by themselves for a day or two. It’s delicious. But longer than that and I start getting antsy.

  2. kenhoney said

    Hah! I love my son, and I’m happy to see him. I’m also happy when he leaves. An empty nest is full of possibility.

  3. Gary Spykman said

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  4. Michelle said


  5. Dale said

    Like Milton’s Adam and Eve, with “all the world before [you].” Savor!

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