A Pooping Panda

May 24, 2010

One day my grandson told me I was only just better than a “pooping panda.” On the surface that sounds like not so sweet a compliment for a five-year-old to give his grandmother; but I heard something in those words that delighted me: Alliteration. Yep. Pooping panda. It was beautiful to my ears. Another morning he said something about “exploding yogurt.” Assonance. Lovely.

I hear in my grandson’s words the beginnings of delight with the way they play with each other. He’s tumbling them around together, and finding the music that happens when they are combined. With such play, he will discover the discord and the harmony. It he keeps playing, he will learn efficiency and over-exuberance, and he will create his own word songs.

A nice thing… the beginnings of a love relationship with language.

5 Responses to “A Pooping Panda”

  1. perfectly precious and a gracious grandmother

  2. Mary-Ellen said

    And that does make you just better than a pooping panda. You rock, Grandma.

  3. Jet said

    I think both you and your grandson will love this song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PO7hCREWsA0

  4. Laura said

    You are so much better than a pooping panda!

    It is cool when they start doing that. The other day Jacob described a backhoe as “reaching down with its claw and clawing up the dirt like a monster” and I thought – ah ha! If only he’d admit that he can read. Baby steps…

  5. mattpaw said

    Ah, you are a philosopher as well as a poet.

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