Sleeping Diagonally

May 27, 2010

One morning I woke up sleeping diagonally in my bed. All of the pillows were mine. The birds and the radio chattered at me. The white noise of the humidifier kept me in a state of almost-awake. All of these things were luxuries.

I have shared a bed since I was eighteen, nearly thirty years, but there are rare times when the bed and the morning are all mine, and I savor them. My husband was away for a few days and the freedom of waking  from a solitary slumber made me almost giddy. And yet, I’m sure that this joy was supported by the knowledge that the solitary mornings were temporary. 

I wouldn’t know, but I can imagine that bed could easily feel empty were I to truly be alone. Yet I basked in the knowledge that for three lovely nights I got to hog the whole sleeping space and wake up delighted with my own company.

One nice thing… recognizing rare moments of luxury and taking full advantage.

4 Responses to “Sleeping Diagonally”

  1. Funny. I am completely the opposite. I cannot sleep unless My Beautiful Wife is in bed next to me. And we completely swim in a king-sized bed. And this, mind you, is with two cats and at least one dog, for at least part of the night.

    To each his luxury, eh?

    PS: Having a bedful of animals does not stop me from sleeping diagonally.

  2. beepbird said

    Ah… I never said I slept WELL… just that waking up with the whole bed and all the pillows is pretty fab. I think the luxury is tied to the temporariness too.

  3. mattpaw said

    No wonder I’ve never been able to sleep well. Haven’t had Ken’s Beautiful Wife next to me. But then who would WANT to sleep – except, of course, Ken’s Beautiful Wife?

    But I know the feeling whereof you speak, Beep. I don’t do the diagonal when My Beautiful Wife is away with Our Beautiful Daughter on their occasional mysterious weekend jaunts, but I can kick my legs around freely without untoward repercussions, and that is nice – for no more than the better part of a week. After that, the legs start getting aggressive.

  4. Janie said

    Oh, I love waking up like that. Preferably in a great hotel with room service, fabulous sheets, a duvet and a king sized bed. Mmmmmmmmm.

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