A First

June 16, 2010

I pulled into my driveway and saw it, but kept my delight in check until I searched the other garden beds. None in the bed on the side of the barn. None in the raised bed facing the kitchen. Nope. None of them except that one. The first daylily bud to open and stretch and smile. The first very first one of the season.

The daylilies were here when we moved into our new house in an unfamiliar town. They were blooming the day we loaded the house full of us and our stuff; and, after our first long winter and muddy spring, I watched the plants grow in the old farmstead soil.

The dirt in our previous yard could barely grow acceptable grass; so, watching those first elegant daylily leaves… then the stalks… then the buds, elongating, vying to be the first to open, was like witnessing a second coming… signs and wonders.

And then, one afternoon, I walked outside to find that my boys, in a moment of thoughtless play, had sliced the budded tops off from each stalk with their golf clubs. Fore!

After the initial heartbreak and anger, and the cooling down period, and whatever other stages of grief I cycled through in quick succession, I resigned myself to believe that the flowers would come back the next year. After all, they had good soil. Right?


A nice thing… annual firsts. I think they help us believe.

5 Responses to “A First”

  1. a metaphor of hope, a metaphor of life

  2. Yep. Cinderella story…WHACK!

  3. Anita said

    Never fear – day lilies are tough as nails and as resilient as spring grass (like kids).

  4. Laura said

    My favorite flowers are the ones that come up year after year. I miss our freesia from CA. So beautiful and fragrant – and no work to keep going at all!

  5. Dale said


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