Stepping Away

June 18, 2010

My friend, Bob, was telling me about the small garden his grandfather taught him to plant every June when he was a kid, and how every July his family would go on vacation for a week. He used to get a certain thrill from knowing that the six-by-six plot he’d carefully laid out was living its own life while he was off having fun.

On the trip home from vacation, about an hour from his house, he’d start to get antsy, wondering what was thriving and what was failing in his little garden plot. As soon as the car pulled into the driveway, he’d jump out and run to the back yard to check for flowers or bugs, for leafing out and fruition.

Bob told me that, as a father and a teacher, his mind often returns to that little garden. Something will happen with one of his children, or a student he has set up with an internship, and he’ll be transported back to that soil. He’ll think of the tender tomato seedlings that his grandfather taught him to carefully put to bed, and how their late summer fruitfulness would astound him.

A nice thing…. starting something in motion and walking away to let it grow on its own.

5 Responses to “Stepping Away”

  1. Like a nice little website, perhaps?

  2. the beauty of life continuing in many threads…

    (please extend a happy father’s day to that trophy husband of yours)

  3. Laura said

    What a cool analogy…Kids for example…(though walking away might be a little strong!)

  4. Collie said

    Perfect timing as I wind up summer session classes.

  5. Dale said

    I like to take a step away from the dust. Alas, I’ve never seen it clean itself up yet.

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