A Drive

June 24, 2010

We just got in the car and drove, the two of us, unencumbered. We drove south towards Massachusetts, towards a town not quite on the cusp of revival. We followed the winding streets, looking for a small house of lovely proportions, an empty nest just for two.

I saw the house from a distance. A beautiful brick bungalow: architect designed, overhanging eaves, window placement to fit the flow of the house and not the view from the street, a welcoming porch. It wasn’t for sale, but we claimed it just the same. We hoped the people on the porch appreciated our house. Our house in another town.

We kept driving, towards another town. A town with our favorite restaurant, bookshops, and good coffee. We drove those streets too, looking for treasures: signs of community, of culture on the verge, of people making things pretty. It was all there.

Few homes were for sale. A healthy real estate market? We drove up from the valley, big old homes, gloriously renovated, needing cabinetry… potential clients? We looked for an old industrial building, and tossed around an old dream of a shop below and a loft above.

We went to that favorite restaurant, ordered drinks and several plates of appetizers, and continued to talk, to “imaginate.”

We drove south to the one state with mandatory, affordable health care. We drove to a place of possibility, where we can take some of our empty nest dreams and, perhaps, make some of them reality… and then we drove home.

A nice thing… driving the streets of a re-imagined life.

5 Responses to “A Drive”

  1. The Man and I have a house that we call “ours” in Indiana. It looks like the Psycho house! Imaginating is the best. What a nice thing…

  2. Gary Spykman said

    Dreaming of new possibilities… imagining what our lives would be like if we lived there… or there.

    Dreaming, imagining… reinventing our lives, and possibly ourselves.

  3. Catalyst~40ish said

    Imaginating is great and your drive is much like many I have been on as well… and now I truly am dream house hunting and imaginating… great nice thing!

  4. Darry said

    Where’d you drive to, SS? (Just whisper to me the name of your favorite restaurant…)

  5. Dale said

    Keep those thoughts ruminating! Might not be a bad idea–might be a nice thing!

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