A Piece of Clothing

June 28, 2010

I always possess a couple of pieces of clothing that I wear for a kind of sloppy gratification . They are far from saying “casual comfort.” No, after a certain length of time as something akin to a “blanky,” these items take on a rag bin quality. And yet, I can’t consign them to such a fate.

My comfort shirt is over ten years old. I purchased it new. A men’s, black, collarless, cotton shirt. A proper shirt with buttons. It still has buttons, but it’s not so proper. It has faded from black to grey due to hundreds of washings, and it’s ripped at the bottom. I haven’t sewn up the rip. Somehow that would seem silly. The shirt knows it’s ripped and it doesn’t care. It’s not pretentious.

My comfort pants are a pair of grey yoga pants. Darkish grey that the shirt is aiming to match. They’ve aged oddly, growing longer over time. Their stretchy hemless bottoms had become frayed and faded from dragging across the floor, so I recently lopped an inch off. I wore them to the farmer’s market today because, well… they were good enough.

I’ve got about enough oomph for affectation as my comfy shirt and pants do. I had a cold sore that I didn’t try to hide. The scab is almost gone. I finger comb, but don’t brush my hair, nor straighten, nor dye. I can’t be bothered. I rarely wear makeup. I figure I’m clean and neat enough for all practical purposes, and if I need to put on some camouflage for impractical purposes, I can pull that off too.

A nice thing…  defining one’s own edge of acceptability.

4 Responses to “A Piece of Clothing”

  1. “the shirt knows its ripped”

    I too have stuff I’ve kept much too long. And I wear my sons castoffs, because I feel sorry for the hoodie that was begged for, overpaid for, and eventually relegated to not cool enough. For me, it’s cool enough.

    It’d probably match your yoga pants.

  2. Dale said

    A comfortable post. I could read this often; it wears well.

  3. Laura said

    Mine is a black sweatshirt-looking thing with a zipper in the front that my friend Judy cast off when she had gastric bypass. It makes its appearance over PJs, on the way to the gym or going to the grocery store. Working where I do, I have to dress “professionally” but I get away with finger-combed hair and open-toed shoes somehow!

  4. Catalyst~40+ said

    It is comforting to know there are kindred spirits when it comes to my hole-y pants (gray knit capri pants with side pockets on the legs) and my Science conference t-shirt from 1999. The holes share more than the pants cover and the shirt is worn to tatters in spots so there are peep holes as well. I love them both and until others complained, they were still worn out in public. Now they are for Sunday afternoons at home… beware if you come by…

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