July 1, 2010

There are days when nothing falls in place, when my brain and body aren’t in sync. On such days, I merely float.  I find a thing that briefly catches my interest, invest in it, then get distracted. I’m sure I have important things to do, but I can’t clarify what they are. Vague instructions, like errant helium balloons, bump against each other on the walls of my consciousness

write… clean… call… food… read… go… make… buy…

Try as I might, I can’t make the day work. An attempt at a jumpstart nap turns into a tossing and turning session. Coffee makes me sleepy. I go out to run errands and forget half of them, even with a list in hand. I try to write and the thesis BBs won’t fall into the holes.

I get to nearly the end of such a day and realize I can’t think of anything I’ve really accomplished… failure.

But then, the sun goes down, and the buzzy night noises filter in through the window screens, and I realize that I’ll get to sleep and wake and try again in the morning. At that moment I breathe, and the dripping faucet of guilt stops its dripping, and I realize that, for all her faults, Scarlett O’Hara really did have some wisdom.

A nice thing… Fiddle-dee-dee. After all, tomorrow is another day.

5 Responses to “Tomorrow”

  1. Julie said

    Fiddle-dee-dee. I say it every night when I go to bed with a sink full of dishes.

  2. Mary in Maine said

    I’m glad I’m not the only one and I see you as a successful person and talented and creative in so many ways. Love the helium balloon imagery…

  3. Gary Spykman said

    I know those days all too well. I need to learn how to let go and look forward. Thanks.

  4. Mary-Ellen said

    At the end of every day, you just have to say “Today I did the best that I could” and recognize that some days that will be a lot more and a lot better than other days. Fiddle dee dee.

  5. Dale said

    There are also pinball days, when you’re propelled from bumper to bumper at high speed and with no control over it.

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