Tree Roots

July 20, 2010

I used to play beneath the huge elm tree in front of my childhood home. Actually, I imagined underworlds, and I built “borrower” way stations—little twiggy lean-tos where I would leave treasures… tiny offerings in the tangle of thick roots.

It seemed to me that the knotty business of those tree roots was some kind of glorious design. I didn’t know about Gaudi or Gehry back then, but, as an adult, I think I recognized them when I saw their twists and turns. So much enthusiasm in man-made structures… so much just for show.

That’s the delight of much of the natural world. It  gives permission to makers, who then dare  to kick out the walls of “must comply,” to make serviceable, sensical, yet joyful tangles.

And, to think, all that tangle and exuberance comes from the act of growing, encountering obstacles, going towards light, and being natural in the most common sense.

A nice thing… growth’s bounding exuberant expression.

4 Responses to “Tree Roots”

  1. Crazy, mad, riotous growth–and yet, some sort of order. A method in the madness. Everything for a reason, and usually the reason is to just eke out a little more life.

  2. I usually think of tree roots as my giant maple out front exploring my pipes with usually foul results.

    I like your imagery better. I will try to keep the magic in mind next time.

    ‘Underground architecture’ sounds much better.

  3. Janie said

    This reminds me of a question posed to us at the ashram during a hidden language hatha class. We were working on the tree asana, and we were asked to consider what our roots compete with. I liked that. It made me think about where I was standing in my life, and what trees were next to me.

    Love the imagery here.

  4. Bill S. said

    A nice thing… growth’s bounding exuberant expression.

    I also like YOUR bounding exuberant expressions. 😀

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