Crickets and Chicks

July 27, 2010

High on the wall, above my head, the open window allowed night sounds into the bedroom. I lay in bed, body-weary, yet brain-revved. A cricket’s high-pitched leg rubs cut through the night soundscape. Those semi-rhythmic cheeps, like new jazz, made me pay attention. Just as my mind would wander, an unexpected leg-on-wing vibration would bring me back to noticing, until the effort of listening wore me to sleep.

Cheep-cheep… cheep-cheep-cheep… cheep-cheep-cheep-cheep-cheep… cheep-cheep…

My next conscious noticing was of bird voices. Through the open morning window came the regular calls of treetop parents. And above all came the chaotic pleadings of hungry chicks, open-mouthed, needy, and insistent. I opened my eyes and noticed the sun.

Peep-peep-peep… peep-peep… peep-peep-peep… peep-peep!

A nice thing… falling and rising with nature’s irregular metronome.

5 Responses to “Crickets and Chicks”

  1. Annie said


    I can have nice things again. I can. I can have them.

    This is gorgeous — poetry, really — rooted in home.


  2. So much nicer than falling asleep to Jay Leno and awakening to the damned alarm clock. Seems many of us have lost all touch with the natural world.

  3. OwlSaysWho said

    That’s one of my favorite ways to wake up . . . and doze with, too. Also, frogs . . .

  4. Lisa Kern said

    There’s nothing more relaxing to me that the sound of crickets, and no better sound to hear upon awakening than that of birdsong. I appreciate your way of reminding us that the most ordinary parts of our lives are often the nicest.

  5. Laura said

    Very nice. Makes me miss the cicadas that lulled me to sleep during summer growing up. Now all I hear is the humidifier and air conditioner!

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