A VW Bug

August 27, 2010

On the way home, we passed a VW bug. I saw it through the trees. A flash of bright orange. It was a beauty.

“Ooh! An orange bug! An old one.” I craned my neck to see just how old.

In our barn sits another VW Beetle. Baby blue and covered in dust, “Honey” waits to be fixed. She’s been waiting for quite a few years.

The orange bug out of sight, I turned to my husband. “We should fix Honey or get rid of her. Yeah… we should get rid of her.”

“Are you sure?”

My husband knows of my affection for old Bugs. He knows how my nostalgic heart goes pitter-pat every time I hear one pass. That’s what caused him to find Honey all those years ago.

“Yeah. There aren’t many things I couldn’t part with.” I thought about that. It was the truth, and I was glad and a bit surprised.

“It’s true, isn’t it?” He liked the notion.

“So, what would you have a hard time giving up? I know I’d be sad if I lost this ring.” I held up my left hand with the ring he gave me when he proposed. A tiny diamond in a handmade band that he had paid for when minimum wage was less than three dollars an hour. He smiled.

“My bicycle. I’d be sad to lose my bicycle,” he said.

“Really? You hardly ride it.”

“But I could never replace it. I would never build myself another frame.”

“No, you probably wouldn’t. You know what else I’d miss? I’d be bummed if we lost our green pottery collection.”

“Me too,” he agreed.

“It’s not that any one piece is more precious than the other. I’d just be sad to lose the whole lot of them. Each one has a story. Hmm… I guess it isn’t about the thing so much as the effort behind it, right?

“Yeah, that must be it. You know what else I’d miss?” He cupped my chin. “I’d miss this face. I’ve grown used to this face.”

“Pfft. Cornball!”

A nice thing… unless it’s the realization of a quest, or it marks an accomplishment, it’s mostly all just stuff.


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8 Responses to “A VW Bug”

  1. Annie said

    Stuff. It’s amazing that out of all the “stuff” we accumulate, that it can be so easy to sort it all into the keep pile or the toss out pile — almost like you’ve always known what was worth holding onto and what was junk.

    A beauty, my friend.

    Punch Buggy, no punch back, SAFETY!

  2. Value and worth. If only more people could discern the difference…

    Lovely piece. Again.

  3. Geoff Woollacott said

    Sounds like you have a handle on what’s important.

  4. OwlSaysWho said

    Hells yeah. This flows with warmth.

  5. Julie said

    I’ve witnessed two friends sorting through their parents’ stuff in the past month. Both have come away with the realization it’s the memories created around the stuff and not the actual stuff that’s important. I’ll bet your kids know this too. (I have a particular affection for old bugs too.)

  6. Rick S said

    Nice!. I too would not want to lose my (almost) handmade bicycle from my teenage years that has memories and worth.

  7. Dale said

    Nailed this one. I like that you told it in dialog: it’s the evolution of the insight.

  8. Collie said

    beep beep, a fave!

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