An Inconvenience

September 21, 2010

We recently had our porch torn down and rebuilt. As with any old house project, there was only so much guesstimating that could be done in preparation.

There was no way of knowing, for instance, that the “beam” that rested on the pillars was more of a cleverly encased board that rested on sheer faith where it joined with the house. Neither could we have known that the beadboard ceiling had been a floor to a collection of critters over the years.

We also had no way of knowing that the architectural salvage places we visited wouldn’t have one suitable door for our nearly 200-year-old house. Which means that a couple of months into the project, we are still using the front door exclusively, walking around and through the house to unload groceries or take things in from the yard. Subsequently, I put things off more than usual.

With the cold weather creeping up on us while we slept, I began to fear for the collection of houseplants I had moved off the old porch and shoved in the corner of shady raised bed. So, on Saturday I grabbed my garden cart and started loading them in to be wheeled around front and brought into the house.

I dragged a heavy pot from behind the bushes, and there, growing out of the well created by the elongated leaves, was a┬ábodacious┬ápink flower. In all the time I’ve owned the plant, it’s never shown me a flower, let alone one so spectacular. It guess just needed a little privacy and shade to come up with something lovely.

A nice thing… the unexpected rewards of inconvenience.





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4 Responses to “An Inconvenience”

  1. Susan Mitchell said

    How beautiful, Sarah! I have wanted to rebuild our porch since we bought the house, so this really resonates with me.

    And once again, you remind me that in spite of the miseries that we might endure, there are all sorts of unexpected gifts, like the extraordinary bromeliad that you share with us here.

  2. Geoff Woollacott said

    Unexpected rewards of inconvenience. I need to focus on that….

  3. OwlSaysWho said

    Wow . . . you weren’t kidding, that is a spectular bloom!

  4. Amanda said

    A bodacious blossom indeed! Beautiful.

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