A Kid

October 13, 2010

He knows that just beyond the busyness and the people is the clear running stream and a good place to sit. He knows the shape, size, and smoothness of the perfect skipping stone, regardless of whether or not it skips for him that day.

He knows that some rocks are “ring rocks,” which is “an actual name” for a rock encircled by a lighter band. He also knows that, while water makes some rocks more colorful and polka-dotted,  it makes others less sparkly.

He knows that satay might just be “chicken on a stick,” but the peanut sauce makes it special. He knows that tree roots make a nice cup holder, and that the powdered sugar from a Russian tea cake rubs right out.

He knows that dipping a yellow maple leaf in melted beeswax is kinda-sorta magic, and he loves the idea of capturing the color before the leaf gets brown and crunchy.

He seems to know an awful lot, and he reminds me of things I’d almost forgotten.

A nice thing… small things, noticed and illuminated by a small person.


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10 Responses to “A Kid”

  1. Sometimes I wish we could look here for our true leaders…

  2. Mary-Ellen said

    She always knew, and frequently needed to remind me, that the reason hikes are fun is not because you get somewhere, but because of all the really cool things you see on the way (if you take the time to stop and look).

  3. Annie said

    The leaf dipped in wax hit me like a freight train.



  4. ami said

    thanks for this, Sarah.

  5. Lisa Kern said

    Beautiful, Sarah. I’m always amazed at the wisdom found in beings who’ve only been on this earth a relatively short time. Maybe living longer burns the good stuff out of us.

  6. Laura Deurmyer said

    Sarah,this is so true. Seeing as they see is a gift.

  7. Geoff Woollacott said

    Kids do keep you young and allow you to refocus on the little things you miss when preoccupied. Good stuff!

  8. These beautiful little observations just keep getting better and better, Sarah. Thanks for this. I needed this this morning.

  9. Dale said

    A wise soul. Well, two of them.

  10. OwlSaysWho said

    This was such a welcome pause in my morning . . . just beautiful.

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