A Platter

December 20, 2010

I don’t remember how much it cost. I think it was $36, but it felt like $86. Either one would have felt like to much for that time in our lives. But I needed a platter, and that’s the one I found. When one roasts a large turkey, one needs a large serving dish. No way around it. Yet, even years later, I feel the initial extravagance of that platter.

On Thanksgiving, when I asked my six-foot-one tall son, my baby, to fetch the big white platter, he came out of the pantry with it balanced on his fingertips. I thought back to that day when I brought the thing home, embarrassed by the cost, and nervous about breaking it. Tall son was just a curtain climber then. And here he was precariously balancing the thing, little knowing how he reeled me back to that years-ago moment when I felt like a spendthrift.

That platter has served many a festive meal, not just bird-centric ones either. It has been filled with cookies, veggies and dip, and backyard bonfire food. And it is the thing upon which we serve our “noshes” that have come to be a Christmas tradition. Cheeses, dolmas, prosciutto, olives, smoked fish, grapes, figs, and other savory treats. We eat them with breads and crackers and dips and spreads. It has become our easy Christmas meal, and the platter is central to it.

A nice thing… the small price we pay for unforeseen traditions.

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4 Responses to “A Platter”

  1. This reminded me of the beautiful platter I bought in St. Lucia on my honeymoon. And of The Platters. “Only You,” “The Great Pretender,” etc.

  2. Chris Brown (not the felon) said

    $36??? Yikes!! Family traditions can start from the most humble of roots. And look at the tree that has grown from them.


  3. I have one of my own, and one of my Mom’s. Makes me wonder what my kids will keep, and what they will add.

    I like traditions. Especially ones that evolve on their own.

  4. OwlSaysWho said

    Spontaneous traditions . . . that’s a very nice thing, as well . . .

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