An Apple

January 8, 2011

My friend, Jonathan, rolled his two-year-old into my office on a wheely chair. It was the end of a fraught day, a day interrupted by phone calls, missed communication, and a low ebb of worry about one of my own sons. Yet, there was Henry on the other side of my desk, the very definition of tousle-haired and apple-cheeked, biting down on a real apple.

Jonathan looked at his boy and asked, “Are you going share that with me?” to which the two-year-old replied,”No.” It made me laugh. I like a blunt kinda kid.

After a short visit, they said their goodbyes and wheeled out of my office. I turned off the lights and locked my door, thinking again about my son and his grownup concerns. Then I spotted Henry and his dad at the end of the hall. The boy and I made eye contact, and I ducked around a corner. He came running, laughing at my game, and I jumped out. He demanded, “Again!” and I obliged.

We ran around all the corners we could find, hiding and laughing, hiding and laughing, until we turned the corner that led us back to Jonathan. I turned to my friend and said, “That’s just what I needed after this day,” and I knew it was the truth.

A nice thing… the reminder that things can be just that simple, one turned corner at a time.


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5 Responses to “An Apple”

  1. So hard to convince them these are the easy years, no?

    I love that you remind me of the moments. I get so caught up in the years.

  2. Sigh. Things are not usually that simple. Sometimes, there seems to be another challenge behind every corner. Thanks for the reminder that I need this kind of stuff in my life.

  3. Geoff Woollacott said

    Yeah the early years are but simple physical issues with which to contend. Teen and adult years are for more mentally draining… I love that age. Have a 3 year-old grand nephew who just cracks me up like that…

  4. Chris Brown (not the felon) said

    Sometimes it’s ourselves that we need to hide around corners from. It’s so easy to forget that we need to play. There are days you just see the walls. Then there are the days you see the corners.

    Today is a corner day, thanks to you.

  5. Laura said

    No matter how hard the day, a two year old in the right mood can always bring a smile. I am smiling now just reading.

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