March 5, 2011

Last August, as Matt was finishing up his last stint as a Hotshot firefighter, a boulder gave way and landed on top of him. After a harrowing rescue, a long surgery to repair his broken femur, and a short hospital stay, he was flown home to New Hampshire to heal.

It was not the great coming together he and Annelies had hoped for after eight months of a long distance relationship. A single mom working full time in social services, she had hoped for a grand reunion. Pain, medication, caretaking, logistics, crutches—a hard start to a new life. Add to that a full course load of classes for Matt and another surgery just a few weeks ago. But they worked through it.

In April, Matt will be donning women’s footwear to participate Walk a Mile in Her Shoes —a fundraiser for Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention.

At the risk of gushing, I have to say, this is just more proof that he’s just the kind of partner any parent dreams of for a child, and so is she. I think they’re going to change the world.

A nice thing… finding that you have the strength to walk for another after a boulder nearly crushes your dreams.


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